Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"If your comic was an ice cream, what flavor would it be?" "Self Hatred Ripple"

I should also add that it’s very difficult to satirize the Jewish world, because just when you think you’ve made something preposterous, you pick up the newspaper and see that events have actually out-satirized what you’ve just done. So it’s always a race with reality. I’m more of a stenographer than a satirist in that regard.
Eli Valley draws comic strips. Comic strips with a Jewish flavour. An un-Zionist, shit-tired of being called self-hating or anti-semitic for offering constructive criticism of Israel's crazed pursuit of armageddon flavour. A flavour with strong hints of MAD magazine. A what if we imagined Darth Vader was half-Jewish and Luke Skywalker was actually leading the charge against any further intermarriage flavour? A yes some crazy rabbi did suggest some (possibly poetic) link between one of these strips and the Haiti earthquake flavour. A probably I need to rewrite this blogpost tomorrow but I ain't gonna so get used to it flavour. Open your taste buds! It's Ethnocentric Parochialism for the Whole Family!