Monday, May 03, 2010


Twitter, that massive great big thing that could be good but yet somehow doesn't seem to be. Or I haven't worked it out yet. A lot of it seems to be one half of a conversation, inconsequential outbursts or links that you'll never click on. It could be good for keeping up with things in real time, but when do you really need to keep up with things in real time? To get the best out of it you seem to need your iPhone glued to your face, which may yet appeal to some people.

Apart from fireland, he actually makes twitter work, one and two liners from a world about which 140 characters is probably as much as you want to know. He's reminiscent of the Far Side, in that he provides the set up and your imagination provides the punch line. Unfortunately, given more room, he doesn't do as well, although his tumblr blog has some moments.

Choice tweet

This old list from gawker has him at number 1, followed by 11 other twitterers who, according to my cursory skim through, just don't cut it. The best of the rest is probably AinsleyofAttack, and she's way, way behind.