Monday, May 24, 2010

The caped crusader of web2.0

Metafilter - it's a geeky web2.0 sort of thing, news, politics, computers, bitching, that sort of thing oh and saving trafficked women from meeting a grisly not-quite-doom-but-quite-doom-enough fate in a Brooklyn Russian mafia strip-joint. The call goes out over the Meta airwaves, but can the geeks and dweebs muster up the muscle to defeat their Russian foes? Can they persuade the girls that they are actually trafficked and in danger and not just on a jolly? Can they bicker amongst themselves? Can they make the webpages of Newsweek? Can they come together to save the day? Follow the action in web-real-time and find out on this week's installment of Metafilter Saves Endangered Women Of The World!!

And the moral is: Sitting in on the internet all day can be a force for good!!!

But, I hear you ask, where's the snark??